Cogburn the Rooster

Our hearts are broken here at the ranch as on Saturday night a car pulled in I looked out to see but could not see anything.  I figured they were dumping cats or kittens as they have 3 times in the last week.  But no they stole our rooster.  Cogburn  has been part of our ranch for over a year, eating, sleeping and hanging with our feral cats. To whomever you are PLEASE return him drop him off no questions asked!   We all miss his crows in the morning and he always made us laugh.



We need help, please . . . .

While we did get some cat food we can still use more!!

Also need help wiring fence panels and moving fence sections this week end PLEASE!!

Our friend will be away at the hospital, then she will be healing from an operation.  She is trying to get as much done as possible this week so we will be alright while she rests.

We are begging for help!!!


and prayers, please . . .



Rescue is Not Easy

Rescue is not easy. it is not sitting on your couch and writing a check every year while watching an ASPCA ad on T.V. It is not adopting a animal for yourself from a a rescue or shelter. It is working 24/7 for all animals, I am angry so be ready!!!

Let’s start with Thursday I am up cleaning and feeding with a few volunteers, leave here at 8:30a.m. to pick up dog food and bring home to unload and then take to my fosters and one other rescue. Then go and pick up supplies donated for other animals. Then pick up grandkids for their horse camp, do camp and take them home, do evening animal feeding and care. In bed 2:00a.m.

Friday alarm 5:00a.m. up do medications and feeding (volunteers – 3 are no shows ) Again same faithful few volunteers and I leave at 7:00a.m. to go to pick up supply donations for Shelter Alliance. Return home at 11:30a.m. to unload and show two adoptable pets. Call other rescues and foster homes to pick up supplies, phone rings “can we take 6 cases of water melons?” (they are overloaded ) I pick up watermelons in my truck and drive to 3 locations to deliver them. Return home 10:30, last rescue comes by for supplies, I unload van to load for book signing fund raiser at south city Petsmart /Randolph County Humane Society. In bed by 2:00a.m. I am up Saturday morning 5:00a.m. again. Do chores, no volunteers show up on Saturday .

Load my van for event and am at Petsmart by 11:30 (by the way south city Petsmart and their managers David and Shane and staff are awesome!!!) Unload there set up next to Randolph County humane society cat adoptions .(wonderful true rescuers)
I find out stalkers have called and slammed me and dropped off one of their hate packets (big mistake on their part. ) We are having a great event, old clients coming, making donations, buying books. We had over $200.00 AND THEN three young men came in and with all of us standing right there, stole all our money from our donation jar, every penny, all cash!!! We had Petsmart confirm it on their security  system. Other volunteers searched the area and we call officer Mayberry from district 2 (cat lover.) But, our days hard work was taken and gone!!!!!

What kind of people steal from a rescue or charity? I work hard, All of our volunteers work hard for money to help our programs, the ferals need dry food and medication and that’s what the money was being raised for!!!! Shame on the 3 sick boys who stole from them!!! Shame on stalkers for trying to ruin an event for our animals. I am ashamed to be a human today!!!!