Upcoming Events:

To kick off the school year and our Critters in the Classroom program  Join us next weekend

Saturday August 22 – The High Ridge Pet Expo at Farmers and Merchants Bank on Hwy in High Ridge (next to Walgreens)  from 12-4

Sunday August 23 at Purina Event Center in Gray’s Summit  for Petapalooza , a fun day all inside for pets and their owners.  Lots of booths and adoption groups  from 11-4  Stop by our booth and check out all our cool adoptable pets and gift items

Thank You!

Thanks to JM for 40 bags of crystals litter, to the Hill family for 5 bales of pine shavings, to Beth for grain, hay and straw, to LMJ for 700 pounds of clay cat litter for feral enclosures.  To the amazing DM & M for 800 pounds of dry food and to ARP for the cases of wet cat food.  To  AB for the dry dog food.  These people are making a difference in animals lives here at The Rainbow Ranch Project.

Rainbow Ranch Animals



Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our director of The Rainbow Ranch Project Joyce Stafos.   Joyce also helps with the Missouri Primate Foundation and her and her dog Stanley are part of our Paws for Applause Pet education program.

Happy Birthday to one great friend and a true rescuer!!!!!!

Wish and Work Day updates

First Thanks to everyone who helped with donations and work day.

Next work day Sunday July 19  we begin at 9:00 a.m.

Wish list
still need scooping litter

money for flea treatment for feral cats sanctuaried in enclosures

cedar shavings

hay and straw

power washer (gas )


Thanks to everyone for dry and wet cat food, all the paper towels

Mostly more of your time on Sunday for work day (don’t wear your Sunday best and wear old shoes) Thanks for your support !!!!! Remember ,the ferals sanctuaried here still need your help and we are still helping other groups with ferals . Please let us know if you are coming ! If you can’t join us mail a donation to Rainbow Ranch Project ,box 209 ,Morse Mill Mo. 63066

These are happy adopted dogs and cats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Every Angel!!!

This happy bunny was adopted along with a Guinea Pig by this Desoto family visiting the ranch this week.  Angels, every one of them.  Thanks Rachel!

We were happy to be part of Head to Tails Kids carnival.  It was a great event.

Thank you Cathi, Bob and staff!

Two Angels in My Garden

Here at The ranch we are certain we are visited by Many Angels.  Speaking of Angels: Thanks this week to Rick and Alice, the Hill family, Carl, Nicki and Danny,Connie C.Dawn and Mark – Thanks to all of you for your donations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Happy 4th of July!

Here’s Moe Moe who was adopted from Recycling Rover and is the star of all the nursing homes her mom visits with her and our own logo dog Toto all ready for 4 of July!!!!!

They want to remind you to please neuter and spay your pets!!!!


Get by with a little help from our friends


Wish List and prayers and Go Fund me for Robin

Money for educational materials for our programs

Also still need litter and dry food for ferals in sanctuary in our enclosures .

Hay, cedar bedding, as well as money are also still on list

Looking for donation of new transportation van or SUV,even a hatch back
(good running condition) Current van for transport has 300,000 miles

Dog food, towels, paper towels , trash bags
I am desperate and will be here Saturday and Sunday this weekend -
Please stop by and help if you are able –
The Rainbow Ranch Project

Please visit Robin’s Go Fund me page :
As most of you know Robin is very ill and we need your help to continue !

Eagle Scout Troop 426 is Hot!!!

Eagle Scout Troop 426 is Hot!!! Or at least they were Sat/Sun June 20 and 21 when they put a new roof on our storage garage at the Rainbow Ranch Project.   This  was the Eagle scout project for Nick Modglin of Troop 426.  Nick has a whole lot of good friends and family helping out.  This was a big job we have had other scouts, and 4 -H projects, but this was the hardest by far!  They were all so polite and cleaned up their mess and we appreciate all their hard work to help the animals!!!! Thank you Nick and Troop 426!!

(click collage for larger view)


Baby Hank

Meet Baby Hank

He was saved after being snatched from the jaws of a snapping turtle.

For many years the ranch had a wonderful goose here named Hank.  We all loved him.  Here he is pictured with his best friend, volunteer Chris Dalton.

After loosing Hank I never thought I would have another goose here.

Guess I was wrong!!!