Mark Your Calendars! Nov. 24th thru November 30th!!

Five Below

Five Below is an AWESOME STORE where “What You Got Will Buy A LOT!!”  They have offered to partner with us to help The Rainbow Ranch Project.

Please shop at one of the Five Below Stores Listed

Present a copy of THIS Flyer at check out

(click to make it larger, right click to print it out – make extra copies for your friends)

and, watch for our second event at Five Below in December

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!




Fund Appeal

It’s Cold

We need to raise $2500. by Thanksgiving.

Mail donations to Rainbow Ranch Project, box 209, Morse Mill Mo.63066

or use our paypal at


Here’s what the funds cover:

Medication, upcoming vet bills, food bills, Heat for all these guys this winter,

We also request:

dry food (cat more than dog,) scooping litter, paper towels, bath towels,  blankets and cedar shavings.

We have no paid staff, all our workers are volunteers all funds go to rescue needs.


Thank you.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!!



Many Thanks!

We are few and mighty this work weekend with our regular crew and welcome Kelsey our new volunteer.  Lots of work was done and everyone went home tired!   Our prayers go out to Christine Oldenberg, a champion for feral cats.  She lost her boyfriend of over 20 years this weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christine.   Thanks to everyone who brought cat food and now we just need funds for new heaters and to finish our third enclosure.

We would love 25 – $100.00 donations,

snail mail to: The Rainbow Ranch Project, box 209, Morse Mill Mo. or at paypal on Please don’t forget this is a busy time of year for us so always call to make an appointment to visit 636-274-3385



Please Help Us Help Smiley!

Donations can be made to help Smiley at

Chained with the collar and chain in photo, this little intact male pitbull was starving with no food or water in sight.  He is scared and has had all his teeth removed (and he is a young dog.)  A young couple out house hunting for their first home found him at an empty house for sale.  They rescued him and brought him to Rainbow Ranch.  He has  a long road to go and we are a small rescue.

Smiley the Pit Bull needs your help !!!!!!!!

Thank you for your donations to help with his care and vet bills!!!


Thank You – and a Concern:

To our wonderful volunteer and friend Sarah for cat food donation and all your hard work on Sunday -

also, thanks so much to our regulars Chris and Beth and Connie.



Friday Morning Concern:

Friday morning our neighbor Ziggy found this box with 3 kittens in it along with a note.

Please call we are so full and we will try to help.

Please, Please do not dump your pets!!!!