Dear Friends,

Our Dear Friends
As you may know today is Giving Tuesday, a global day that encourages us to think about the animals in our lives ,as well as the ones in rescues still looking for a home . The impact we can have and how we can each make a difference in the lives of animals we share this planet with. We are especially fond of this day because it embodies the essence what The Rainbow Ranch Project  and it’s programs like Critters in the Classroom and Twenty Shades of Stray does.

This is Bear. He was a Rescue Dog But now is a Service Dog for a family with nine children.

With the Holiday season upon us I ask you to take a break and think about the millions of Homeless animals Still waiting for a chance to get into a no kill shelter or rescue.  As friends, supporters and volunteers, you are a part of the rescue community.

This is Jordy, who has no eyes, but was adopted into a terrific forever home.

Thank you for your dedication to our mission.  Please help and send what you can $5.00, $50.00 or $500.00 every dollar will help save a life.

Go to to give by Paypal or Mail your donation to The Rainbow Ranch Project, Box 209, Morse Mill Mo. 63066.  All checks or Money orders simply made out to RR


Happy Squeaksgiving


Casper and Pumpkin wish you a Happy Squeaksgiving!

They had their first vet well-check visit at the Kirkwood Animal Hospital this month and they are in tip top shape and the vets adored coming in to see them! They are really settled in now and we are really enjoying their different personalities. Pumpkin is such a love bug and really likes to strut his stuff, chortling and wiggling his fanny around while he strutting as if to say “look at me”. Casper is a calm piggy who is always happy to sit on a lap or under your chin.  After their photo shoot, they got to feast for a while (but not too much!) on the props!

Pumpkin was such a good sport, trying on the turkey outfit we made for him!

From the Reynolds Family

Wish List Update:

We still need a transport van or Suv donated in good running condition

One more heater (Schnucks has the stove type we like on sale for $69.00 this week)

old bath towels

Paper towels

Monies for medication and flea/tick and heartworm meds for the dogs and cats

Cesar shavings

Payments on account at feed store 636-285-2554

Dry cat food !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbit food

Funding for Education program for 2016

Mac laptop (our old one can’t be fixed any more!






Thank You!


Photos With Santa!

Photos with Santa Saturday December 5 at Messy Tessy Dog Grooming  call 636-797-5966 for Appointment

Can’t make events we can come to your home or barn for Holiday Photos call 636-274-3385

Appointment Times Fill Up Fast – Schedule Soon!


Wish List Update:

We still need a backer for Education Programs

Transport  van or SUV

We still need 3 more heaters at $99.00 each

MiMi cat litter

dry and wet cat food

Cedar Shavings

Thank you to all individuals and groups who donated other items and donations for everything!








Winter is Coming

Please Help Us Get Ready:


WISH LIST - donations are down, but we’re still here !!!

Money to do our flea and tick and heartworm treatments for November – $400.00

Money on feed bill at Windy Hill Supply -636-285-2554 account under Rainbow Ranch

Money for cedar bedding or bales of cedar bedding (not pine) we have plenty pine)

dry and wet cat food

Money for upgrading heaters in animal buildings -$300.00

Money for past due Shelter building utilities due November 3 ,2015 – $300.00




We have lots of Guinea Pigs getting ready to come up for adoption.

Thank you Beth, Adric, Cathi and Bob for help at Apple Butter Festival last weekend.

Please keep all your pets in on Halloween and be careful they don’t get in to the candy!!!

Happy Halloween from the RAINBOW RANCH PROJECT!!!!!!


Reminder!! Reminder!!! Apple Butter Festival Time!!! Reminder!! Reminder!!!

Here’s the Official Scoop/Update/Reminder about Apple Butter Festival which is THIS Weekend October 24th & 25th – AND  We KNOW You’ll enjoy the Entire Event – BUT, You’ll Love US Most Of All . . (right?)

We will have Robin’s bone Bar treats and dog costumes and clothes and lots of other goodies!!!!!!!!

Cathi from Head to Tail Bearded Dragon rescue and Recycling Rover with critter board of adoptable pets and information on our newest project “Critters in the Classroom”

Along with Feral cat information and Twenty Shades of Stray !!!!!!

It’s THAT time of year.  Time for you to unpack your sweaters, and collection bags for goodies, and call all your friends – find the vehicle that holds the MOST Folks so you can sing LOUD all the way to Kimmswick and back – to the APPLE BUTTER Festival.

This Year the Dates are Oct. 24th & 25th.

They are open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Parking will be a challenge, there will be shuttle buses, and it will be worth the effort.

There will be, Apple Butter, Trains for the kids, a petting zoo, gifts,  Tons of FUN


We will be there, BOTH DAYS

Come Join The Us!