New Wish List

New Wish list

New Transport van or SUV  (not new, but new to us) to use to transport animals in rescue or to locations for education programs
with schools, scouts and community functions .
wooden display shelves
dry cat food (no country acres or 9 lives or special kitty) they give our guys a tummy ache !
tarps for covering some things
canned dog food for our old sanctuaried dogs who live with us

When we were doing dog adoptions several old toothless,blind littles

became part of our permanent Ranch family. We use Pedigree or Alp,or Pro Plan  ground chicken, Chicken and rice or Turkey based food
In Little Caesars we use the solid chunk of food not chipped or in gravy Turkey, duck lamb or chicken and beef
55 gallon or larger fish tank for iguana

Thank you again to all our volunteers for our heaters, new heated barn buckets, our Amazing new shop vac, paper towels, blankets,
cedar shavings, hay, food and your love and time

Valentine’s Ahead . . . .

Recycling Rover RequestThis is the time of year our resident Ferals on the Farm  cats get their shot and county tag updates.  We average about $25.00 per cat this also helps with flea and tick meds, wormer and other meds during the year.  With floods, cold weather and snow we have kept the barn enclosures safe and warm for our sanctuaried feline friends.  So lets get our checkbooks out or drop by with your donations before February 5, 2016.  This is a Valentine.  Remember what the tin man in the Wizard of Oz says “a heart is not measured by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others” Please donate.  This is important, as we have had very little donations so far this year and very few small animal adoptions.  Checks can be mailed to The Rainbow Ranch Project and made out to RR call 636-274-3385 or e-mail us at and send your address if you need a tax receipt -Thank you in advance for your support of our ongoing mission

Requesting assistance



What a Great Start!

Wow so far 2016 has been great!  Our wish List is being filled from 2015 with paper towels, a few towels,  a wonderful new giant shop vac, hay, Payment made on our Windy Hill account, bird food, rabbit and chicken feed and two new feral cat houses that arrived today!  So we can now update the list and see if we can continue on our mission.  Please help us with the money for electric repair  as the weather is getting cold this weekend! Please call or send funds to box 209, Morse Mill Mo. 63066 or better yet drop by Saturday or Sunday with your donation -Thank you !~!  636-274-3385

2016 Wish List Urgent

Money for electric repairs for barn and out buildings from rainwater during flood (we need about $3000.00 total)

We still need a new transport van or SUV or 4 door small truck (donated in good running condition)

Come on teachers and Leaders help us raise funds for school,scout and 4-H programs  (education is how we reach the parents through the children)

Bales of cedar shavings for feral enclosures (not pine)

old bath towels

trash bags tall kitchen and large black

payment for supplies at Windy Hill farm supply  -you can call on phone and pay on Rainbow Ranch account -636-285-2554

new or used power washer (ours was stolen )

And money for flea and tick medication each month for feral cats and senior dogs living here

As always dry cat food



Last 2015 Wish List

LET’s See how much of this list we can fill by New Years  (We will be here Sat/Sun this week also)
Remember to call first we work by appointment only 7 days a week !!!!!!!!!!!!

The list

Paper towels

Cedar (not pine ) shavings for feral cats

old bath towels

trash bags  tall kitchen and large black

payment for supplies on our account at Windy Hill supply 636-285-2554   you can call and do this over the phone!

old sheets, blankets and quilts, comforters for bedding

We need new heavy duty large shop  vac (after 12 years ours died)

new or used (working ) power washer

working large capacity washing machine (after thousands of loads of animal laundry ours has said good bye)

A transport van, mini van or SUV for our animal transports and  education programs , with schools,scouts, churches and other groups

And of course money for flea and tick medications each month for animals sanctuaried here!

Get Your Photo With Santa!!!

One last weekend to catch us!  Saturday December 19 at South City Petsmart Photos with Santa call Marla at 314-288-6269  for times and details!!!

See you there!!!!


Purina Farms Petacular was a great success!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support rescue!!!!

Blues Christmas (Auction)

Have a Blues Christmas, what a great gift an real Blues hockey stick hand autographed by super player, Alexander Steen!  Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Blues! Seen here in this photo with Rainbow Ranch’s mascot, Toto. We have an opening bid of $150.00.  All money will be donated to help animals here at the ranch in rescue.  Your donation is  tax deductible as we are a 501c3 non -profit.  Come on and send your bid NOW!

Email your bid to: by December 21st, 2015.

Good Luck!