Wish List:

!. Money to help with high utility bills from past months we are behind !

2 cat food

3 cat litte Tidy cats or Fresh Step  r scooping type or MiMi litter crystals (available at Walmart)

4 paper  towels

5 cedar  and Pine Shavings

6 pay on feed bill at Windy Hill Supply -636- 285-2445

7 gravel  (a load is $200.00)

8 hay and straw

Mailing address is Rainbow Ranch Project ,box 209 ,Morse Mill Mo. 63066

or with Paypal on recyclingrover.com



It’s a Boy!

Just when I was having the worst day, Lily our pygmy goat,  gave us the best 3 pound gift!!! Meet Wolfie he has made our day!!!!

He is named Wolfie because of the Wolf moon and his godfather, Papawolf!





The Rainbow Ranch Project – 2015 Education Bound!

To all our friends , clients and supporters , on January 31,2015 the Rainbow Ranch Project will no longer House (other than our personal pets ) Dogs or cats including feral cats. We will not be adopting them out as a licensed rescue any longer.  Regardless of the rumor we are being shut down that is a lie!  Because of my health and the threat of loosing my feet to diabetes if I don’t slow down, we  have  made this decision.  This has not been an easy decision  for me or anyone involved with the ranch.  My board and I, together with Mo.Ag., decided this is best for our programs at this point.  I hope for your continued donations and support as we become education  center,  educating the public about animal care .

The programs  and The Rainbow Ranch Project  will still need your support with the changes we are making and will still be a 501c3 not for profit  organization.
Our mission has always been to create an atmosphere where humans and animals heal each other through education and compassion. This will not change as we continue to educate and promote the human animal bond.  This has always been our mission and that will not change .

Recycling Rover will become a resource to direct people to adoptable dogs and cats in Licensed shelters and rescues in the St.Louis area.  Also offering help  introducing new dogs and cats into homes with advice on housebreaking, behavior or training.

Ferals on the Farm Program will send clients with ferals to TNR  organizations or farm home groups.  We are doing lectures on rehabbing ferals and how our program was able to turn them into pets in some situations,  and how to work with hoarders and hoarder cats.

We will continue to rescue small animals, birds and farm critters.  Our work with other organizations will continue with our new book “Twenty Shades Of Stray” and a program that teaches Rescuers and Shelters to work  together for the care of all animals.

Shelter Alliance will be up and going again, maybe even with a food pantry for small rescue groups, for a small fee to cover our gas we can supply treats and cleaning supplies, shampoo. or whatever we have available at the time.  And we will continue to fund raise to keep these programs going .

Scouts and 4-H will still be working and volunteers to keep the programs set in place here going.  Understand the ranch has been a place of peace and a home for many special animals. We have always made everyone welcome and that will not change.
For any one to visit or volunteer, you will need to make an appointment as I intend to spend more time with my family, my writing and my art.

I will continue to promote neuter/spay, transports and all other rescuers.  It has been a  blessing to work with every animal  who came through our gates.  We have stood our ground against vandals and  stalkers.  We have shown we are a strong group standing our ground, As we turn this corner I hope you will all support us .
We will be available to travel and speak to other rescue groups and already to our surprise we are getting bookings.  Thank all of you for everything.

2015 is our year for change.

please join us and let’s educate some people and save some animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, Dec. 20th . . Pictures with Santa! See You There

Join us Sat. Dec.20, 2014 at The Animal Clinic in Cedar Hill as Santa does photos with pets.  Free 4 x 6 photo, you can take home that day!!!!!  We will also be taking donations.  Come celebrate with Dr Michael and Dr. Clinton Boyd  a father and son vet team that can’t be beat!!!!!

12:00pm till 2:00pm Everyone Welcome call 636-285-3621 if you need more information