Our  Mission Statement

The Rainbow Ranch Project The Rainbow Ranch Projects focus is not only on rescue but also on education. All of our programs  reflect this along with the importance of the human animal bond . We rescue the forgotten animals of rescue, Guinea Pigs, rabbits ferrets, all small animals, (excluding dogs and cats) some reptiles and birds.  We also rescue farm animals such as chickens, ducks, pot bellied pigs, goats, horses and donkeys. We are located on a small farm 25 miles outside of St Louis Mo. in Jefferson county.

The farm is the home of the Baker family and their pets also.

Our non -Profit services here on the ranch provide a  unique networking method with other rescues, both local and nationwide.  Our approach to rehabbing these some times abused and neglected animals is  with kindness and from a behavioral method.  Our main mission is to create an atmosphere where humans and animals can heal each other through education and compassion.  Our staff and volunteers are teachers, trainers, veterinarians and groomers  all working to educate the public and rescue animals in need.  The Rainbow Ranch acts as a bridge to bring together all of our ideals and methods of our programs,  Helping all who come through our gates to respect the mission of our organization and learn the importance of the human -animal bond.

We have no paid employees.  Our work is about passion, not profit

Our Programs

Recyclingrover adoptions And Assistance
We here at the ranch do adoptions of the animals here and in foster care .We work by appointment only seven days a week. We work hard to make sure these forgotten small and farm animals are cared for.Recycling Rover  would like to significantly reduce reduce the unnecessary disposal of  pets in the St.Louis region .We strive to match our pets with appropriate adoptive homes . All animals deserve proper care and we advise all new owners to keep in contact with us should they have any concerns or questions about their new pets.

Critters in the classrooms – We offer small animals for classrooms at schools in our region .bunnies, Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice.  We give the pet to the classroom and it can be returned at the end of the school year.  A new pet can be selected for the next year.  Teaching children the responsibility of caring for a pet, creating human-animal bonds.

Paws for Applause – Our community outreach program, Teaching students in all grade levels about pet care and pet responsibility and the importance of neuter/spaying.  We also reach out to scouts, 4-H and church programs as well as educational facilities.

Shelter Alliance - We have supplies from companies we have worked with that we are able to share with other rescue groups.  We are opening a little shop on the ranch where people can make donations for new pet items and gifts.  The donations helping to buy food and vet care for our adoptable crew.  We also help with supplies and food during disasters such as storms and floods

While we do not adopt out dogs or cats any longer we will supply any one looking for an adoptable dog or cat the phone number of a licensed rescue. We also will give out information and help for people with feral cats and information on how to help animal hoarders.call 636-274-3385

We are The Rainbow Ranch Project “where there’s no place like home.”

Visit us at www.rover.petfinder.com or e-mail rainbowranch@earthlink.net

Call for an appointment at 636-274-3385

We are located at 8656 Chapel Hill farm road in Morse Mill Mo. 63066